The Manifesto

Make Your Life Count.

Always stay true to yourself.

Find out what you love and do it often.

If you can’t do something, try it anyway.

Always be kind to all living things.

If someone is trying to stop you – go around them.

Never settle and never limit yourself.

Do more than you think is necessary.

Always show up for the things that matter to you.

Meditate often and take care of your body.

Explore the world, different cultures, and different foods.

Don’t be afraid to be alone.

Create your own life story and blaze your own trail if you have to.

Try different hobbies and read books that contradict your opinions.

Reinvent yourself often.

Don’t let others’ words affect how you view yourself.

Don’t stick with things and people you don’t like for too long. 

Try to become the best version of yourself.

Focus on creating a life worth living.