Start living your dream life
in just 26 weeks!

Creating your dream life is simple once you know
the tools to use and the exact steps to follow... 

Our small-batch, limited-edition goal planners can help you to:

Rate your current life and come up with actionable ideas to change the stuff that’s not working 🌞
Visualise how your best life would look like and what you want to run towards 🏃‍♀️
Set exciting & adventurous goals and create steps to smash them within 6 months 📅
Live intentionally, every day of the week 💪

6 months (26 weeks or 182 days) is all it takes to start something really beautiful in your life, and it’s here… ready to be grabbed in your warm embrace.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to help people break free from their comfort zones and discover what makes them tick. We’re here to empower people to reinvent themselves and create a life worth living, on their own terms – to create a life filled with adventure, mind-blowing experiences, unforgettable memories, and connections that’ll light up the whole world.

IKIGLOO designs small-batch, limited-edition premium life design workbooks and planners to help you unleash your full potential and live your best life. We also run a digital magazine for adventurous and passionate people and offer a variety of printables to make your journey to your best life as easy and simple as it can be.

Laminated soft cover

Undated, A5 planner

Printed in the UK

Perfect bound


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What our customers say

I love the time, care and thought that obviously went into it. Thank you xx


I adore this so much, just what I was looking for. Would highly recommend. Xx


The design is beautiful, the layout is clear and super inspiring. My new fave x 🥰


Item is good quality, well set out, delivery was very quick 48 hrs, lovingly packed with a hand written thank you card which was a lovely touch. Thank you very much for a good experience xx


I love how minimal it is and calming. I am excited to write in it and I have yet to find anything that is not perfect in this.


It looks exactly as described - very good quality and the extra mile by sending a personalised note is definitely appreciated. Thank you for working hard on this product and making it enjoyable x