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Issue 1 contains a collection of personal raw stories about what it means to reinvent yourself, go after what you want and live on your terms, alongside some beautiful travel and exploration pieces.

Stories included in this issue:

“Let’s take a walk on the wild side” by Daria Krauzo

A gentle and inspiring piece about the love of short-form travel that will inspire you to romanticise your own trips.

“How selling everything to travel transformed me as a writer” by Rose Hedberg

A beautiful personal story about a transformative effect of travel.

“What day jobs do to artists” by Ayah

A sensitive and heartfelt piece about the the authors struggles with a day job and desire to gain personal freedom to become who she desires.

“Do you want to merely survive? This is why you should thrive” by Enrique Fiallo

A beautiful and inspiring advice piece about the importance of thriving in life.

“If it sucks, do something else” by Maarten van Doorn

A philosophical take on life choices and the importance of enjoying one’s life.

“Want to be successful? Be an outsider” by Reece Robertson

An inspiring, philosophical take on the importance of thinking for yourself and going after what you want in life.

“What does it (really) take to be an entrepreneur?” by Anthony Tumbiolo

An eye-opening listicle of personal experience of entrepreneurship and what it means going after your goals.

“I ditched my phone, moved to Nepal, and it changed my life” by Kendall Marianacci

A fascinating travel experience story about the discovery of a new life and what is truly important.

“My 10-day Vipassana meditation experience” by Tiziano Antico

A detailed dairy about the experience of 10 days of complete silence and the learnings that came with it.

“The profound part of rock climbing” by Christopher Drifter

An introductory guide about rock-climbing that might inspire many to take up this as a new hobby.

“I died on magic mushrooms” by Vincent Kavanagh

A very personal take on the experience of trying magic mushrooms. 

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