About Us

Born from a desire to live life to the fullest, Ikigloo is a lifestyle brand that creates all the necessary tools and resources to enable like-minded, adventurous, and passionate people to create a life worth living.

More Than Just Planners

We design products that will help you evaluate where you are right now and figure out what goals you want to achieve and what lifestyle you need to create to live your best life.

Our Mission

We want to support people on their journey to achieving their big, important life goals and inspire them to live more meaningful and fulfilling life along the way. One that is not about chasing the riches of the world or engaging in hustle culture to build the next big thing just because it sounds cool, but to live life fully by balancing different areas of life and going after all the things that make them happy. All at once and without limiting themselves.

A meaningful and fulfilling life consists of many big and small goals we set for ourselves. The days when we forget that time exists while doing something we passionately love, climbing mountains when we are afraid of heights, and diving into open waters before knowing how to swim.

Life is also about all the little pleasures - the feeling when we run barefoot on the beach or soak our feet in a lake on warm summer nights. It is about early, sunny spring mornings, calm and peaceful winter evenings, and walking through the quiet forests, exploring all living things. It is also about that earthy smell outside after a heavy rain, fresh berries from the grandparents' garden, and warm bonfire nights with close friends.

Most importantly, meaningful and fulfilling life is about creating our own rules and designing our life the way we want to live it. It is about allowing ourselves to continue learning, experiencing the things that matter to us, reinventing ourselves frequently, and rediscovering life every day.