IKIGLOO is a name that blends together two distinct terms: “ikigai” and “igloo”.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to “reason for being” or “purpose in life”, encompassing the idea of finding joy, fulfillment, and meaning in one’s existence by aligning one’s passions, talents, values, and pursuits.

Igloo is a traditional Inuit shelter made of snow or ice—a symbol of protection, shelter, and community that represents resilience, adaptability, and ingenuity.

For us, IKIGLOO represents living an authentic, purposeful and intentional life, driven by our passions.

We design and print premium, small-batch, limited-edition planners for people who value flexibility, lead busy, exciting lives, and do not enjoy… planning all that much. Our goal is to help you lead an authentic and purposeful life without spending too much time creating and organising your to-do lists day in day out.


At our core, we’re on a mission to fuel the dreams of 1,000,000 individuals, empowering them to live authentic and fulfilling lives. We want to be the spark that ignites fires within, helps to break through self-imposed limits and guides people towards lives of purpose and passion.

No goal is too daunting, no dream too big—we’re here to support each step towards a life that’s not just lived but truly thrived.


A meaningful and fulfilling life is about setting big and small goals and chasing them with everything you’ve got. It’s about losing track of time when you’re doing what you love, even if it means facing your fears head-on, like climbing mountains when you are afraid of heights or diving into deep waters without knowing how to swim. 

But it’s not just about the grand moments. Life is also made up of simple, little pleasures that make your heart skip a beat. The sheer joy of running barefoot on a sandy beach, or dipping your feet in a lake on a warm summer evening. It’s those early mornings in spring when the sun greets you with a smile or the serene evenings of winter when the world falls silent. And let’s not forget about strolling through quiet forests, discovering the wonders of nature, that earthy scent after a heavy rain, the taste of freshly picked berries from your grandparents’ garden, and those cosy bonfire nights with your closest friends. 

And then, life is also about acquiring the freedom to create your own rules and designing your life the way you want to live it. It’s about staying true to yourself, embracing adventure, engaging in continuous learning, rediscovering yourself frequently, and seeking experiences that make you feel alive each and every day.