IKIGLOO designs simple, minimalistic, and easy-to-use planners and printables to help free-spirited, goal-oriented people achieve their goals and create the life they want to live, on their terms. Our focus is to enable these adventurous and spontaneous souls to become all they can be (self-actualise) and embrace a life full of purpose and fulfilment as if they were the main characters of their story.

📔 Planners 

We design and print biannual, small-batch, limited-edition life design and goal planners that helps people reach their full potential and live their best life. You can explore our print planners here.

If you’re not a person of print, there is an option to download digital versions of our planners, too!

📕 Magazines

We source collections of personal stories from like-minded people who share their journeys towards self-discovery, self-fulfilment and self-actualisation to give you a unique insight into different experiences, attitudes, and approaches to life. Our magazines are currently only available in digital version.

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In essence, we aim to help people achieve their goals and live their life to the fullest and on their terms, filled with things that matter to them most. We’re all about igniting the fire within people and helping them break free from their comfort zones, live with intention and purpose, and chase after their passions, no matter how huge or difficult they are to attain. 🔥 In other words, we want to support 1,000,000 people to design and live their best lives, filled with adventure, mind-blowing experiences, unforgettable memories, and connections with like-minded people.


In this crazy hustle-filled world we live in, I was on a personal mission to figure out what truly makes me happy and how to live my life to the fullest. It was important to me to work towards something bigger than myself whilst enjoying my life at the same time. So, I entered the world of continuous self-development to become the person I want to be and create something truly beautiful for myself – a life that I actually enjoy living. 🚀

I started from very simple things – by introducing new positive habits, setting little goals here and there and changing my mindset and attitude towards a variety of things. Eventually, I became a little obsessed with learning everything there is to learn about myself and life because I wanted to make my life count! This is when I finally applied all the knowledge I had gathered and designed my very first goal planner for myself, which quickly became an amazing life companion that I started my mornings and ended my evenings with. 

Then I finally realised that there must be more people like me who are a little obsessed with making their life awesome but who don’t necessarily enjoy planning their days in great detail all that much… This is when I designed my first goal planner, just the way I liked it, and put it to the test. And after receiving a few very positive reviews, IKIGLOO was born. 😎

— Lina —


A meaningful and fulfilling life is about setting big and small goals and chasing them with everything you’ve got. It’s about losing track of time when you’re doing what you love, even if it means facing your fears head-on, like climbing mountains when you are afraid of heights or diving into deep waters without knowing how to swim. 

But it’s not just about the grand moments. Life is also made up of simple, little pleasures that make your heart skip a beat. The sheer joy of running barefoot on a sandy beach, or dipping your feet in a lake on a warm summer evening. It’s those early mornings in spring when the sun greets you with a smile or the serene evenings of winter when the world falls silent. And let’s not forget about strolling through quiet forests, discovering the wonders of nature. That earthy scent after a heavy rain, the taste of freshly picked berries from your grandparents’ garden, and those cosy bonfire nights with your closest friends. 

And then, life is also about acquiring the freedom to create our own rules and designing our life the way we want to live it. About staying true to oneself, embracing adventure and constant learning and the pursuit of experiences that truly matter to us. And also about reinventing ourselves frequently, trying new things, continuous learning, rediscovering, and searching for magic each and every day. 

All of those things add up to a life worth living.


Make your life count.
Always stay true to yourself.
Do the things you love often.
If you can’t do something, try it anyway.
Always be kind to all living things.
Don't let anyone stop you.
Never settle or limit yourself.
Do more than you think is necessary.
Always show up for the things that matter to you.
Meditate often and take care of your body.
Explore the world, different cultures, and different foods.
Don’t be afraid to be alone.
Create your own life story and blaze your own trail if you have to.
Try different hobbies and read books that contradict your opinions.
Reinvent yourself often.
Don’t allow the words of others to affect how you view yourself.
Don’t stick with things and people you don’t like for too long. 
Always show up as best version of yourself.
Create a life worth living.