What Does It Mean To Be A Free Spirited Person?

You trust and follow your heart…

Your inner feelings are important to you and you can’t feel satisfied if you feel that something is not right. You are emphatic and considerate of other peoples’ needs, but you care about your happiness very much, too. You refuse to neglect what your inner spirit desires and what makes you feel truly alive.

You trust that your heart is your compass and you believe that you must follow it in order to be happy and feel fulfilled. For this reason, you will always look for ways to incorporate the things you love doing into your life. You will go after what you want and frequently even distance yourself from people who one way or another prevent you from doing this. Following your truth and your heart is the most important thing to you and you just can’t imagine your life being led any other way.


You are a rebel and you do not conform…

You refuse to follow the path that someone else walked before or told you to follow. You view societal norms and rules as outdated and you may even feel a little bit angry that you are frequently expected to follow them.

You seek to have your own beliefs, habits, career, and opinions and you don’t let anyone influence, oppress or enslave you in their own ideas of how your life should look like. You know that there is no right or wrong way to live as long as you follow your own heart and your own ideals.

Many may view you as strange, difficult, or even selfish, but you are as real and raw as you can possibly be. You’re proud to live your life the way you live it and view it as self-respect and self-love even if the whole world criticises and tries to teach you their ways.


You are unique and authentic…

You like yourself just the way you are and you have no desire to imitate anybody or pretend someone you are not. You stay as authentic as you can and you are not afraid to speak your mind and ideas when you think it is needed.

You don’t seek anyone’s acceptance because you are not afraid to not fit a specific mould to make others happy. You only care about being happy with yourself and meeting your own expectations. For this reason, you have a strong desire to become the best version of yourself.

You may be interested in meditation or some form of spiritual healing. You believe that reconnecting with your inner being enables you to be truly yourself. In fact, you’re passionate about your inner being as much as you are about the world you live in. You want to know and understand yourself and why you are the way you are. You want to know what makes you tick and what your true authentic self truly is.


Life to you is a big adventure…

For you to feel truly happy and fulfilled means to visit faraway places, meet people from different cultures, try the food you’ve never tried before, listen to interesting stories, and have thrilling experiences. Regularly. The idea of routine and the future that someone else has already planned for you just kills you. You seek adventure probably more than you seek relationships or money because without it you simply can’t breathe.

No one can tame your adventurous soul. Your appetite for adventure and new experiences is just way too strong. You may stay in one place with the people you feel safe with for a while, but you will find yourself daydreaming about exploring new places and letting yourself go somewhere far away, where you don’t know what’s waiting for you. The beauty of this world touches your soul in ways that nothing else can. It feeds your spirit. And it needs to be fed frequently in order to keep your inner fire burning.


Freedom is your ultimate goal…

You may let the world constrain you sometimes because you’ll think it’s required for a time being, but you dream of being truly free every day and minute of your life. The lack of freedom may anger you and you may desperately want to get free. You may even feel depressed if people or work constraints you for too long.

The truth is that to seek freedom is who you are… You want to be free to be where you want to be, to behave how you want to behave, to think and dream about what you want to think and dream… You just want to be fully you no matter what. The belief that real freedom can be achieved enchants you and gives you hope even in the darkest moments of your life.

But chances are that you’ll find yourself running away from the things you‘ve tried to build for many years just because you can’t feel fully free. You may burn the bridges, refuse to settle, run away from everything you ever knew just to feel free again. Or you may wait… patiently till you build a new life on the side and you will move there once it’s ready so you could leave the old world peacefully.


You are a proud wanderer…

You’re in constant search for yourself and you dedicate a big part of your life to discovering who you truly are and what your heart is trying to tell you. You’re most probably interested in everything that helps you look within yourself and discover your true motives and desires.

You believe that life is about discovering yourself fully. You will try to do the majority of things at least once to re-born again and again till you become happy with what you see when you look within yourself.

You collect moments, not things (unless they remind you of the experiences or people you want to remember). And, to be fair, the only things that you’ll really want to tell your grandchildren in the future are all the experiences you’ve had and all the places you’ve visited so they could also go on a journey of life that is more special than anything else.


Beauty is something entirely different to you…

Your free spirit experiences the world a little bit differently than others. The subtle beauty of nature itself means something entirely different to you. Lakes, forests, mountains, seas, and rivers encompass your soul in ways that are foreign to others… Nature is filled with life and it’s also your home.

You are also one of those people who say that beauty is found within and you really mean it. You’ll only feel beautiful when you are kind to people and when you help them when they need you.

You will first be mesmerised by someone’s genuine smile or kind gesture than their looks or what they wear. The imperfections that other people are ashamed of are beautiful and strangely attractive to you. You find beauty in small details and you help others feel more beautiful because of it.

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